SOTT-I LLC is a combat veteran owned professional training and advisory organization that specializes in high risk incident management subject training/advice for the homeland security and counter terrorism professional.  In addition SOTT-I LLC provides the public at large with a wide variety of specialized training programs to include firearms/marksmanship and personal security/defense.

SOTT-I LLC training programs are presented as a base product and designed specifically for the military, law enforcement and corrections special operations and LEA patrol professional.  Each customer is unique and programs can be formulated/taught based upon an organizations needs and levels of experience/skills. The SOTT-I LLC Citizen Training Program curriculum is also unique and provides the very best training in a variety of areas/disciplines. 

Courses are normally conducted at the customer’s location by a mobile
training team (MTT). This allows more ready access by more personnel from the customer’s organization while keeping costs to a minimum.

In addition SOTT-I LLC teams with a variety of cutting edge organizations that form the Training Applications Group (TAG).  This consortium of specialized companies/educators provides the very best in training/advisory assistance with emphasis upon the well being and survival of the "Operator" and the "Emergency Responder." 

SOTT-I LLC programs never fall prey to the common place "risk aversion" concept of training seen regularly in the training world.  Instead our programs are cutting edge and conducted as close to the "live operational environment"  as is possible via "live fire TTP validation."  SOTT-I LLC utilizes in depth risk analysis and management to provide risk mitigation without "choreographing" training.  The result is the most realistic "tactically safe" training conducted in the world today. Training designed towards preparing personnel and organizations for "the worst case scenarios" that could possibly be faced.  SOTT-I LLC Advice and Training is world renown and in demand internationally by ONLY the most SERIOUS organizations and personnel.

With the emphasis on realistic, hands-on, performance oriented training
SOTT-I LLC  leads the way in providing the best quality instruction and advisory assistance available in the world today.

"Training to Win the Fight"


"He who graduates the
harshest school, succeeds."

(Thucydides---Greek Historian/460-395 BC)

"12 hours is still only
half a day of training."

(JFS---Trainer and Adviser/1980-present)

“The two most important days in your life
are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

(Mark Twain---1835-1910)

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